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Age 26 for ALL?

Until now we have heard from politicians, physicians and insurance companies on how to best fix our broken healthcare system. Perhaps, we should ask the input of the professionals that deal directly with the fallout of the law as much as all three of the above mentioned groups - the Broker. As an astute observer of the Obamacare failure and group health broker for 25 years, I wonder why there's still a discussion, especially among Republicans, about covering ALL dependents until they reach the age of 26.  Although, not as bad as big government coercing insurance carriers to underwrite every American regardless of their health status, but blindly covering dependents who can afford the cost of insurance is absurd. I could accept covering dependents until age 21, where most young Americans are still enrolled in college or legitimately dependent on their parents. However, from that point on, there should be some sort of income test to determine eligibility. The cost of insuring all pre-existing conditions was supposed to be paid for by young, single, healthy Americans who would bankroll the system, but the law in essence - shot itself in the foot, as there are plenty of millennials ages 22 to 26, who earn a respectable income, that could have contributed a much needed premium payment and given Obamacare a punchers chance of sustainability. Instead, the once size fits all approach greatly reduced the chances of success. Great for any given individual family but terrible for the system's survival. The author, Eli Gelb, is President of EYG Group Benefits, a group and individual health insurance brokerage firm servicing the NY metro area for the past 25 years. If you are a business owner or an individual and would like to speak with Mr. Gelb regarding your group or individual health insurance needs, please call 845-290-0488 x101 or visit and schedule a free consultation. 

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