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Where's the Beef?

For Americans who truly understand the nature of politics, it is expected of Democrats to oppose legislation that will help U.S. taxpayers. These "Progressives", in their quest for power, have attempted to steal every penny out of the system to support their utopian impossibility. However, during the George W. Bush presidency, the GOP had control of all three branches of government for enough time to come up with a solution for the rising costs of health insurance. Increase after increase, the business owner was left to decide if he should maintain benefits at the same level as last year and raise employee contributions or reduce benefits and keep contributions level. As a result of inaction by the GOP, Obamacare was born and Americans supported giving it a shot since it was at least something. What's maddening is that the GOP controlled Congress had additional time to introduce an alternative bill and all we heard was "Obamacare is terrible and we have a plan". Yes, Obamacare is terrible but where is the plan?? President Trump should have had a bill on his desk to sign the day of his inauguration! The fact that they had nothing to introduce proves that they didn't believe Trump was going to win and therefore had no incentive to come up with a solution when the bill would be DOA under a Hillary administration. No excuse. Whatever complex administrative issues there are with repealing Obamacare, they should have been worked on the day Obamacare was passed. For years, I've heard some great ideas on how to reform the system from fellow health insurance brokers and physicians alike. There's absolutely zero excuse for not having a bill ready to go and we the people have to hold our leaders accountable. If Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell can't do the job then have them get out of the way and find someone who will. As I write, there are Americans who have to decide to pay either their mortgage bill OR their health insurance bill. GOP - get cracking!  

The author, Eli Gelb, is President of EYG Group Benefits, a group and individual health insurance brokerage firm servicing the NY metro area for the past 25 years. If you are a business owner or an individual and would like to speak with Mr. Gelb regarding your group or individual health insurance needs, please call 845-290-0488 x101 or visit and schedule a free consultation. 

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